Exercise Science 

I received my bachelors degree in exercise science from Bridgewater State College.  I have been working in the field of physical education for the past 12  years as a teacher and through professional development I have gained a myriad of knowledge about how to integrate the body and mind.  

Curriculum Development

I received my masters degree from Framingham State University in curriculum development.  Through this rigorous program I gained expertise in creating valuable programs that are engaging and impact the learner on an emotional level.  


Doctoral Scholar Practitioner

As a doctoral student at Northeastern University I currently research how the Theory of Wellbeing by Martin Seligman can impact the environment we enter. Through personal experiences with meditation, yoga, intentional language, goal setting and movement I have shifted the trajectory of my life and I hope to use my knowledge to help others find their inner peace. Analysis of the PERMA framework provides a structure to measure wellbeing and sets a foundation to discuss where improvements can be made. There is not one prescription for positive wellbeing and each person must create their individual life plan that guides them toward their best self. The format to reach positive feelings toward life requires a plan that everyone should create and work to achieve.