Social-emotional Learning (SEL)

In order to support students, staff must model healthy mental and physical routines.  While many SEL trainings only define SEL through the five competencies and discuss how it can impact the culture of the organization, Action to Achieve uses an experiential approach to influence participants and gives them tools to encourage others toward self-improvement.  Through common language, routines, mindfulness, and reflection participants will be able to integrate what they gain from their self-exploration to influence stakeholders within the educational system.  This is offered as a single or multi-day training with follow up support.    

SEL Competencies.jpg

Diversity and Social Justice

Through various activities, open discussions and guided reflection participants learn how to investigate their own perspectives and gain an understanding about how they use their own positionality to impact others.  This training will include; exploration of cultural identities, race and privilege, and anti-bias teaching practices that will influence all stakeholders.  This is a one or two day training option that will support ways to engage in difficult conversations and deliver tools to use within any setting to improve the culture of the organization.      

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