Desire To Session

Learn how to live your life more intentionally.  Through self-exploration and noticing you will set personal goals that can add positive direction to your life.  Through multiple guided activities you will explore how the mind and body can work together to create a more harmonious flow and build positive feelings that can lead to positive outcomes.  Through one-on-one or small groups, children will be challenged to work on daily intentions and incorporate positive language to influence their self-talk.  Mindfulness, breathing techniques and cross lateral movements will be used to stimulate the mind to work harmoniously with the body to enhance achievement.  

Propossed Enhancements

There is a need for children to notice their own actions and be mindful to how their attitudes impact others.  We will look to address how they approach challenges and give them tools to build a never give up mentality.  Through mindful practices, participants will pay more attention to their inner voice and think of ways to increase their positive thinking.  The activities will look to break down the barriers of lacking self-confidence and allow children to find a skill they can work to improve.   

outcome Goals

The outcome goal is that children will understand they have multiple options to help them overcome obstacles when they are feeling frustrated, bullied, sad, angry, etc.  Meditation, Yoga, mindful noticing, music, tapping, coloring, talking to a friend/adult, creating a plan and multiple other tools are introduced, which allows students to engage those skills when needed. 

Achieved crow position

Parker, Age 7